The Fastest Mac Compatible USB Flash Thumb Drives

Mac Compatible USB Flash Drives

Mac Flash Memory Stick USB Backup Drives

With faster potential transfer rates, USB 3.1 flash drives are the the future for the Macintosh platform. Most feature a conventional, rectangular Type-A USB plug, but many are starting to incorporate a revresible Type-C connector for the latest Apple iMac, Mac mini and MacBook computers with next-generation USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 ports.

High-Speed Flash Thumb Drives For Mac Computers

Whether for easy file transfer between Macs, between Macs and Windows PC's, for sharing Photos, MP3 Music files or documents -- or for critical off-site backup storage of essential business and accounting files. Affordable, low-cost Mac compatible USB flash drives make a great Mac accessory to have on-hand.

External USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Here's a sampling of some of the faster SuperSpeed USB 3 keychain style drives on the market:

Patriot's Best Drive SanDisk's Top Performer Lexar Ultra Hi-Speed Flash
SuperSonic Flash Drive

Patriot Magnum Series
SanDisk Extreme USB3

Up To 190MBps Reads
Lexar Triton Flash

Fast Reads AND Writes

External USB 3.1 Gen 2 Flash Drives

With the arrival of the unifying Type-C interface, we're seeing USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 compatible flash drives for Macs hitting the market. Higher end drives implementing the full Gen2 USB 3.1 specification are more likely to leverage the extra bandwidth with higher speed flash memory chips and more sophisticated controllers to deliver more SSD-like speeds.

Bigger IS Better : Best Flash Drives For Apple Users

Too many people are tempted by small capacity, low-cost thumb drives -- which sadly are far too easy to outgrow. Altho you may find deals on skimpy 1GB - 8GB drives, you'll never regret paying up a bit for a flash drive that has the room to grow along with ever-increasing data file sizes. Realistically these days: Look for 128GB or larger drives that can serve your OSX backup needs for years to come.

Fastest Mac Compatible USB 2.0 Flash Drives Made

Not all flash drives are created equal. Just as with SD slot cards - there are ultra high-speed flash drives that can read and (particularly) WRITE data far, far faster if you shop around. Two of the fastest USB flash drives ever benchmarked are The Patriot Xporter XT Boost USB 2.0 Flash Drive and the OCZ Rally2 Dual Channel 16 GB Drive are top-performers that redefine flash drive performance.

USB 3.0 Flash Drives For Apple Computers

SuperSpeed USB 3 is the future for high-speed computer peripherals. For select Macintosh Pro tower owners (using a Mac compatible USB3 PCI adapter) and MacBook Pro models with ExpressCard slot - USB 3.0 is here today and can take advantage of the speeds of a USB3 Flash Drive or USB3 backup drive - today. Other's may find investing in USB 3.0 Interface storage devices to be a smart buy over the long haul. Mac users can enjoy USB 2.0 transfer speeds now - then step up to SuperSpeed data transfer rates when Apple includes built-in USB3 ports in the future.